Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Drum Roll Please...........

Well all my lovely blogger friends it is time for the
First Annual

I think you all rock awards
(awards ceremony will last from Feb 5th until Feb 29 so keep checking back:)

The best thing about blogging is meeting new people and getting a peek into their lives. I have a blog roll of people that I TRY and read daily because they touch a part of me
(no not that way perv)

There are some people that I read that I think I would actually be friends with...scary huh?

I do need to update that also there have been some new additions to my favorites including a Southern Girl who is spending her spare time snowboarding in CO...um I am a bit jealous.

Anyways here are the awards:)

This award goes to Sterling Girl & Lizarita....you girls saved a little face by blogging this week but you 2 are the ones I have to check on every couple of days cause you lazy:) Thats ok because then I do not get to far behind. BTW Liz you have another one coming for the 2 Pink Lines Story stay tuned.

This next one is for Blue Bella Babe for being real and telling it like it is no gloves on. She is also super sweet and funny as hell.

This is a little prayer for all my bloggy friends....love you all:)


sterlingirl said...

I feel so honored.

I'm proud I'm a slacker. :)

sterlingirl said...

Oh, and the Southern girl is my best friend. Lizarita, I know her, too. We Southerners are cool peeps.

Melissa said...

Ok sterlingirl you are such a name dropper....good to know you have friends. I bet I found the Southern girl from your site then and Liz is one of the first blogs I ever read. Been reading her for about 10 months now. Funny how small the world is.....

BlueBella said...

Oh thank you, thank you, babe! You are too sweet:) Love the lampshade on the leg . . tres chic:)

southernintherockies said...

Yeah, sterlingirl is basically my sister. : ) Anytime you want to jump on board and slide down the mountain, let me know. I'm by no means good yet. I don't really fall anymore, but I'm still learning. And, it is one of those things that I am no longer afraid to do by myself. What a rush! I'll shut up now, before you jump through the screen and whack me in the head. hehehe

Melissa said...

Hey keep talking I am all about boarding I have a favorite store for my gear Zumiez love that place I could go broke. If I come out to CO I will email you I want to see Red Rocks this summer. Have you been there done that?

Lizarita said...

You are such a sweetie! Thanks for the honor! (Sorry I'm a little late to the party!) xo