Saturday, November 3, 2007

Holy Horse Shit, Batman

Beauty is a painful thing I tell ya, I have just spent the past 4 hours being tortured by Traci. The end result a huge fucking headache and the longest freaking hair I have ever seen on this head. It is spooky....and today of all days Brent's friend Corey's wife goes psycho and he ends up having to stay here. So much for suffering privatly. Brent hates the hair calls it sewer do. I like that he does not like it. Traci and I have been talking about doing this sort of thing for abused women, giving them a new identity and helping them escape. How ironic that I am the first TOTAL makeover we do. Here are the pictures


Step 1. lose all former color with a nice dark brown...that shit burnt my head must be the beauty Gods telling no Blonde shall ever color their entire head brown.

Step 2 . Allow best friend of 14 years cornroll and sew (yes sew with a real needle) hair into my head. HURT LIKE A BITCH & THE BITCH (Love you Traci) POKED ME WITH THE NEEDLE 4 TIMES....shit felt like I was getting stiches.

Step 3. Highlight

Nice Rack picture:)

Look how long it is and freaking dark!!

Ok final results!! The first 2 are from today and the last one if from a week ago when I look at the middle one this song comes into mind

It is weird I put on my other (Professional) glasses and viola' completely new person. So do you think our idea would work?

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