Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Wallflower!

Seriously you want to know how lame I am tonight? I have no kids they are sleeping at the neighbors, I have money, I have a car & I have tons of friends but I am at home in my pajamas eating Skittles and drinking Morgan Diets. Pathetic I tell ya. One of my favorite former Barnhart Crane boys emailed me and invited me to drinks tonight and I said no…I am pathetic.

The candy is a change but I have lost 12lbs in 6 days from not eating. I am pretty stressed out and when that happens pretty much any food makes me gag. Sugar is good hence the Skittles. It is funny how some women eat when they are emotional…not me I stop eating. Don’t worry momma I did eat some pizza tonight and I drank all the water on the list…no there are no meds tonight…no I did not take any pain meds…I am being a good girl…promise. I know my face is looking a bit bony and yes I see some of the bones poking out trust me I am doing the best I can. Shit Brent still says I am a fat ass so were are good.

Ok I am out…I will leave you with some tunes………..


Pearl Jam-Betterman
I will find a better man....

Suck my kiss-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Bread-Baby I'm a Want You
The best love song ever!!

Sarah Johns-The One In the Middle

Sara Evans & 3 Doors Down-Here Without You

3 Doors Down-When Im Gone

Good Night!!

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