Thursday, November 1, 2007

Good Morning!!

Good Morning!! I have 3 kids up wanting candy for breakfast, nobody understands that there is no sustance in candy. No nutrition for the day serious sugar crash in about 3 hours, tremors, teeth rotting, eye twitching....damn it!!! EAT your Rice Crispies.

"But mom, why would they give it out if it is bad for you." -beats me why is pretty much everything that is a good time or good tasting bad for you?

Here are pictures from last night, Luke was Dr. Death (his words), Lil was a Hippie and Mad was a witch. I ended up taking 3 extra kids trick or treating because you know I have Sucker stamped on my forehead. BTW yes you are welcome glad I could help, nothing like saying Thank You or even asking me instead of just sending them here cause you are to lazy to take them out or buy/make them a costume. Glad I can be the one to help your child have these memories.

Big round of applause for the pile of shit I married, glad you could lie all day about how bad your knee hurt so you could not come help or even drive the kids around a bit. It was nice that you spent the entire night at the bar...funny thing is you walked there and home 3 times...did not look like the knee hurts to bad. Also your parents are fine your dad was disappointed you did not come since you said you were so tired, he understood...don't worry I told him you were great down at the bar just like you are 5 nights a week, glad I could help out.

ME-9 You-0 - I am counting just wait and see why

Anyways here are the pictures and some morning music

Eagles-Already Gone

I have my you need to find yours?

Fall Out Boy-Thanks for the memories!!

Ouch thats gotta burn

Finger Eleven-Paralyzer

This song reminds me of the "Beach Party"

Elliott Yamin-Wait For You

I love this song, it is beautiful

Pearl Jam - Black

Eddie your voice still gives me the chills...gonna come see you soon...promise...I mean it this time.... I do....your looking a little has been so long.....

Thats all folks!!!
BTW Jenny you did not escape the birthday post I will put it up when I take a new picture of you cause of course I have to have a picture of you being older than me:)