Friday, November 2, 2007


It is true I am a whore for youtube, I swear I do not mean to be but there is so much to see on there. I am currently supposed to be taking a shower to go to town but I am here and on my 2nd browser I am listening/watching youtube.....sad.....sad....

I am a fan of How I Met Your Mother.....pre marriage I was Barney....Jenny is Ted Mosby.....Traci is Marshall.....

I found this clip and have to share it because really riding the "tricycle" is f'ing funny I love this show.

Today I am finally getting rid of the kittens they are going to Pet Smart if anyone is interested I think they will be about 60.00 with all the proceeds going to 2nd Chance Rescue center. You also receive a rebate when you have them spayed or neutered. I will miss the little buggers they are so cute and mischievous. The little shits climbed the living room drapes so many times there are little holes from floor to ceiling on them.

Sorry I am boring this morning I slept in a little and am feeling a bit duhhhhhhhhh still. I will leave a little music and maybe come back later......

Seether-Fake It, this is my ring tone on my phone

Hinder-By The Way
My favorite Hinder song

Black Eyed Peas-My Humps

Nelly Furtado-Promiscuous Girl


I am so sick of the phone.....

Love this song alot!!!!

I am in a dancing mood today....

Buy you a drink?

A little dirty hip hop anyone??

50 Cent-Candy Shop

50-Cent-Just a little bit

Happy Friday!!! We shall all celebrate like our President:)

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