Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am pooped it had been a weekend that is fo sure.
Lovely little scam my husband and his father pulled on me Easter Sun. I was fully aware that we would be spending Easter with my sexy hubby's dad because of the divorce. No problemo what I was not fully aware of was that I would be cooking the entire meal at his dads house.
The kids and I arrived at 1 to hang out and put toghether the last minute food stuff for dinner at 6 not a big deal what was a big deal was sexy hubby's dad bought 2 Farmland Hams and they were sitting in the fridge still in the packages. OH NO FUCKING WAY....I thought to myself.
I poked through the cupboards and decided a trip to the store was needed so I packed up a kid and off we went. First thing after pulling out of the driveway I called hubby and chewed his ass for their dirty trickery. Second I went and bought a real ham ya know the picnic ones with the bone in.....not the pressed ham product Papa Bear had bought.
Then I went back and put together a fabulous dinner Ham, red garlic mashed potaotes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, buns and a black and white bundt cake. Can you say I am fucking fabulous? I can.....


Tammy said...

You are fabulous!

southernintherockies said...

I see a trick coming your way....something about no kids and a pedicure or a massage??!! Sounds good.

You are Wonder Woman!!