Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Help a girl out here???

Ok kids I am in need of some assistance....LOL
I have been busy as hell lately and am going to be busier while we get ready to move so I have an idea. I want to invite some of you to be guest bloggers here at Melissa's corner!!!
Sounds exciting huh? I need help and you can do some shameless whoring of your own site sounds like a perfect trade. Almost like blog prostitution...and we all know we all are fans of prostitution:)
So Southern in the Rockies, Bluebella, Slick, Busy Dad, Chelle, Tammy.....anyone?? You interested?
Jana I know you are busy with Lovey but if you have time you are sure invited:)


southernintherockies said...

Ok, I'm game. Just remember that I suck and you won't have any readers that day. lol

Tammy said...

OMG!!! With an offer of blog whoring who could resist. LOL Any time you need me, let me know. :o)

BlueBella said...

I'm all over it sista! I guess this makes you my bloggy P.I.M.P - yeehaw :)

BusyDad said...

I may be a man, but I am just as much a whore (perhaps even more?). Is this the favor you were referring to? If so, count me in!

sterlingirl said...

I think we are back to normal here. I'm game.