Saturday, March 15, 2008

I am still here just have been really busy with work, kids and numerous other mundane life shit. I also have to kick my 9 y/o off my laptop to blog and she is all over it like flies on shit. Pretty bad when your kid steals your toys:)

I do have some news. I know most of my readers know we had a major house fire last May and we have been trying to get our house back to normal but it is just not happening and we have used 70,000 of insurance money and all of our savings to try and fix things but it is just not working out. We finally made the choice to sell our home back to the bank and let them deal with the rest of the bull shit. So that means we are moving the 2nd weekend in April.

After much discussion and looking at houses we have decided to buy a new house and I mean a NEW house. The contractors were just finishing up the outside masonary work when we looked at it the first time a month ago. We were a little leary about moving back to the city but it is time to do it. Gas prices are a fucking killer and I commute each day almost 60 miles in a Explorer so you know I get bent over and poked with out the lube each time at the pump. But that is a whole other post...FUCK YOU oil prices.....

I will be leaving our quiet little town of 4000 and moving back to a place that has fast food and entertainment on every corner I cannot fucking wait.

This is the new house the pictures are from the real estate listing not the best but you get the idea. I love it soooooooooooooo much.

It has a 3 stall garage that is already insulated and sheetrocked the basement is finished with a huge family room with slate tile fireplace. It also has 3 bedrooms and 2 bath plus a lovely mudhole for a yard. I shall be debt till I am 100 for buying this house.....sorry kids there goes your college funds.


Zoe said...

congrats on the new house!!! how exciting!! is it sad that i wait for my son to leave the house or fall asleep so i can use his lap top??

Chelle said...

Oh what a beautiful house!! I can see why you are so excited!! Congrats :)