Sunday, March 16, 2008

My husband is a dirty bastard tonight. Our children have pushed every button of annoyance I have and I am ready to blow a gasket. He however is sitting at his dads 4 blocks away from our new house drinking beer and bullshitting. I have packed a ton of shit this weekend cause you know I work a shit ton the next few weeks and he spent sat out at the shop hanging out with his buddies drinking beer. Are you seeing the pattern here?
I should be out with my oldest friend drinking vino and celebrating her birthday but nope I am here with the devils spawn. Not fair!!!
But I guess after children mommas lose the fun parts of life and miss friends birthdays.
I call Bullshit on that.


southernintherockies said...

I agree, BS! You deserve a night out with the girls. : )

Chelle said...

Ugh that sucks ass girl!! You definitely need some girl time. Tell his ass to stay home next's YOUR turn to go out!!!