Friday, November 21, 2008

What the F*ck Friday!!

******************WARNING ADULT CONTENT***********************
My friend Theresa started this a few weeks ago and it was fabulous. Today is WTF friday and this has been a week plum full of them.

I am looking for a job in a town that is laying people off left and right. WTF people quit firing your employees it is the fucking holidays assholes. Some companies need to do some internal reorganization instead of firing people, it is a week before Thanksgiving and instead of a turkey people are getting pinks slips…WTF!!

Speaking of the holidays, where did the year go? I swear it just flew by. I am not ready to go shopping and fuck I don’t have a job & that just blows monkeys balls. WTF

We have 0 children tonight and instead of going out and doing something we are home. For like the 3rd time this year he has to work sat at 6am….WTF!!

I have a pound of ground beef, 6lbs of pork shoulder and 20lbs of turkey in the fridge and we are eating Chinese takeout for supper…WTF…lazy much?

I do have a serious love affair with Crab Rangoon they are wonderful yummy creamy crunchy bits of heaven.

I have ruined every single batch of chocolate chip cookies I have made this week….really what in the fuck is up with that…..I am concerned….WTF

I have gained 4lbs this week...WTF…oooh may be all the stuff I have been baking…note to self give more away….WTF is the point in baking then.

Ok my food is getting cold now, I have had some interruptions on this post. Now my food is needed reheating…WTF

So please add your WHAT THE FUCKS for the weekJ


sterlingirl said...

Seriously, you are gonna kill someone if you are doing 50 mph on I40, in Memphis. WTF?

My word verification word> HATIST

sterlingirl said...

that's I-40.

Tammy said...

I still don't have a car, money is really really really tight and I have no idea what I'm going to do about finishing Christmas shopping....WTF.

BlueBella said...

I'm making most of my Christmas gifts this year. . . because my former Nanny stole $480 from me - WTF???

Theresa said...

I planned my baby's birthday party and then we had a snow storm. i had to cancel everything. WTF!!!

Tash said...

I seem to be catching every cold that's going around - WTF!?