Monday, November 3, 2008

Time for Change

I started this post as a little encouragement to get out and vote tomorrow but decided to head a different direction. If you do not vote in the election I do not want to hear a flipping word for the next 4 years about how any one thinks the president sucks. My philosophy is "Don't Vote Don't Bitch" by not voting you take away the right to have any opinion on what our countries next 4 years are like. Got it?

Tammy, Theresa & Tash if McCain & Palin win I am moving in with one of you. Please pray you do not have a 4 year house guest!!


Tammy said...

No prob, we can have a pajama party! :o)

Tash said...

a four year pajama party - woo hoo!

But "No we Can't" have a four year pajama party, because Obama can win this... and he will be the change we need... don't worry.

Melissa said...

I am praying & voting for change we badly need it.

As far as the pajama party I am game in fact I am still in my jammies. It is 2pm and I do not foresee myself getting out of them either!

If we do not win I will draw names on who gets me first:) I love to travel I could split my time up and spend a little each place.

Theresa said...

Me, Me!! Pick ME!! I need girl-friends... and if they have kids, even better!

Although I do hope that you won't have to... but it's nothing against you :)

Melissa said...

Theresa I will pick you first!! I will even bring the kids we can all go play in Estonia. I like new places:)
I may have to get skype so that we can chat about housework, kids and old housewife stuff:)